Project management

CSPM ENGINEERING offers to its Client its know how and experience in the application of the Project Management methods to complex projects and related activities, supplying a service with a very high added value.


About Project Management

Project Management means having a structured, methodological and flexible approach in the management of a job for the achievement of the fixed goals, respecting times, costs and quality pointed out by the Client.
The correct application of  Project Management allows to rightly and timely spread the flows of information into the project Team, towards the Client and external boards and interested parties.
Project Management allows to define the suitable global goals and the punctual targets, keeping them constantly under control. Moreover, the Project Management check the correct and timely activation of all the necessary procedures required by the specific investment.
CSPM ENGINEERING offers to its Client its experiences given by the managing of complex projects, allowing him to concentrate on his core-business, without overseeing in detail the different phases of the project.


Why Project Management is useful

Unfortunately projects that don’t satisfy the fixed targets od the Clients aren’t so rare. Some of them reach the costs targets, but they miss the fixed quality targets; others respect the overall chosen quality but they are consigned in delay and/or with high extra-costs.
Actually, considering the most part of the projects, the number and the different features of the involved figures, the quantity of unforeseeable situations and the Clients’ ambitious targets, it isn’t so strange that projects don’t satisfy all the fixed aims.
Problems into the project Team, absence of the necessary condivision of information, lack of the right laying out between the project targets and times and/or costs can compromise the successful result of a project.
Mixing CSPM ENGINEERING up in the project starting phases can make easier the success of the project itself, as we can support the Client noticing earlier the possible critic points above mentioned.


Project Management executive method

During the preliminary phase CSPM ENGINEERING supports its Client in the identification of targets and priorities, predisposing the draft of the general timescale and of the investment preliminary budget.
By the general timescale will derive the details planning for every macro phase of the project. The details planning will be the reference point for all the subjects involved, i twill be regularly updated and it will be used as baseline to monitor the job progresses.
The investment preliminary budget will become the reference of the costs control during the project  and manufacturing phases and it will be constantly monitored and updated.


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