C.S.P.M. has been charged, by a client company leader in cableway transport technologies, of the design of new trucks for the vehicles of one of the most spectacular and famous ropeway of the  world,

whose first inauguration goes back to 1912, that of Pão de Açúcar in Rio de Janeiro (https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pan_di_Zucchero_(Rio_de_Janeiro)).
The peculiarity of the project intervention asked C.S.P.M. has been the development of new elements and the application of modern client’s technologies into the pre-existing technological constraints of the reversible bicable aerial plant made in 1972 from the Italian company Agudio.
C.S.P.M. has finalized the comprehensive study, accomplished he structural analysis and F.E.A. methodologies about all the safety devices, drawn up the components note of calculation and defined the complete development of the design detail of normalized groups and of every composal detail.

The skills that C.S.P.M. has put into the field, together with the client’s professionalisms, include:

- Mechanical design in accordance with CEN standards.
- FEM structural controls
- Surveys and in place controls of the adopted solutions.
- Condivision of choices and assistance at the final client.
- Support during the manufacturing.
- Assistance in the CE certification of the truck.

Updating 18/09/2017: The assembling of first series of 2 trucks has been completed and it is nowadays travelling to Rio de Janeiro for the final assembling in line.


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