New operational headquarters

C.S.P.M moved in August, 1st, 2016 in the new offices in "Spazio Tazzoli". The new, larger interiors allow a better organisation of the different teams. The IT area has a new and dedicate place, with the servers rightly protected by a fire and intruder alarm and conditioning-system.

A new operating system

C.S.P.M., operative since 2008 on SW systems linked to the managing system, renews its operating system thanks to an innovative platform able to manage each company activity through a definite operative stream, efficient and well organized.

Work Team reorganization

C.S.P.M. reorganizes its work teams with innovative methods and constantly looking for the highest productive efficiency. The investment in new human resources and the modification of its operative structure are addressed to the company consolidation and growth.

Increase in capitalisation

C.S.P.M. capitalisation has been increased to 60.000€ I.V.

ISO 9001 Certification

C.S.P.M. has got the ISO 9001 certification to reply in a coherent and exhaustive way to its clients expectations.

Ownership changing

C.S.P.M. reorganize its ownership with ambitious futures targets of growth and continuity.

Company beginning

In this year is set up C.S.P.M. S.r.l deriving from “STUDIO TADDIA”, on the market since 1990. Nowadays its owner is the actual president and CEO of the company.

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