Certifications and Network

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

ISO 9001 certification shows that this company is able to supply replies in a coherent and exhaustive  way to the client’s expectations. For this reason many buyers ask for suppliers with ISO 9001 certification. This allows to reduce risks of buying goods or services not suitable to the minimum. A company wih the ISO 9001 certifications will be able to obtain important improvements concerning organizing efficiency minimizing wastes, avoiding mistakes and increasing productivity.


Targets and profits

Improvement of credibility and image making and consigning a service in accordance with the clients’ exigencies and requirements expressed, implicit or hidden.

Improvement of the client’s satisfaction. Grate and satisfied clients are the keys to increase the probability or their loyalty: this means guarantee of work and higher corporate profitability. The acquisition of a new client is 10 times more expensive than maintain contacts with an already existing one.

Improvement of the integration and control of processes creating value for the client.  An integral approach in the managing of processing system help to find in a easier way many improvements in efficiency and cost savings: wastes elimination and fewer mistakes.

Improvement of the decision process with solutions based on objective data and facts instead of “sensations” and monitoring the decision process. In this way the level of improvement will be so relevant and even amazing.

Creation of the conditions for a continuous improvement. Clients’ expectations, requests and claims could become more and more relevant. A company that apply with efficiency and efficacy the Quality Management System SGQ has to anticipate the client and beat the competition.

A more involved and motivated to create value staff. Workers engaged in the improvement of the processes they use for their job are more motivated and involved. Who know how to identify the sectors needing an improvement better than  them? Motivated employees are more productive and they will help the company to improve the processes quality and the consequent results that are a value for the client and that depends  on the staff.

Small and Medium Enterprises Association of Turin and Province

Api Formazione is in service of entrepreneurs: it’s a branch of an employer association. This allows it to act actively in Boards and Structures such as the Città metropolitana, in Region and in the Ministry.

Polytechnic of Turin

The Polytechnic places its scientific competences at disposal of the enterprises interested in innovations. It offers research and consultancy services with a multi-disciplinar, multiservice and customer oriented approach so to solve problems, also of complex entity. Enterprises will find an aided way in taking part together with the Polytechnic to funded research projects, but the University also offers research services, development and consultancy, assistance for tests and analysis and much more.


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