About us

CSPM ENGINEERING is an engineering and technical consultancy company

able to supply concrete replies  to real problems, offering to its Client innovative solutions,
focused on the singular problems and worded as an integral part of a complex system.

CSPM ENGINEERING offers an high added value

made by the high technological content present  in the achievement of complete solutions, from the idea to the executive project, in studies and analysis aimed to optimize a developing project or to the implementation of another already marketed.

The achievement of projects in different mechanical sectors means

skillfulness to adapt to exigencies always different from customer to customer. That’s why our internal organisation is never structured on figures strictly separated, but it is based on qualified professional skills of the professional in charge of such activities, who is also the main handler of the Client. This professional works in a team with the right multi-disciplinary skills.

This dynamism allows to CSPM ENGINEERING to reply

to demands more and more articulate and exigent coming from the market, increasing the skills with important professional experiences reached in the development of engineering solutions in different mechanical and industrial sectors.

Turnover in the latest five-year period


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